Become Our (paid) blog writer


how to become Our Writer?

How it works? is our blog management partner. You need to have a account. You will be writing a blog for our medium publication (CLICK TO CHECK visual thinking at work).
Your write up will be reviewed and if it matches all the guidelines (read below), it will be published.

How you will Earn

After internal review, your blog will be published on our publication. Now when your blog will be read on medium, you will be paid by automatically in your stripe account.

How to start ?

1 – Make a account.
2- Follow our publication (Visual Thinking At Work)
3- Click on apply now form below to share your medium account and other details. If we find your writing capabilities matching our requirements, you will be invited to write.
4- After invitation, you can submit your write up and it will be reviewed. If it passes our review, it will be published.
5- After publication, your write up will be ready for public reading.

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Writing Guidelines

1 – Your blog should be a value blog which means it helps the reader to understand the precise What, How and Why of the topic.

2- Your blog MUST PROVIDE A SOLUTION which helps people solve a relevant problem. It should NOT HAVE A JUST A GENERIC KNOWLEDGE IN THE AIR

3- Your blog must be alteast 1000 words if it is purely a text blog.

4- Your blog must have screen shots or supporting photos. Just texts without photos are not engaging.

5- Typical blog starters could be

  • 5 ways to ……
  • How I implemented ….
  • Why it is important…..
  • What are various ways ….